10 March 2009

the first contact.

we made our first contact sheets today. prints come tomorrow.

15 December 2008

all i want for christmas.

is one of these (or possibly a bull mastiff):


05 December 2008


get ready to take back our roads:




i know i will be signing.


04 December 2008

merry christmas.

this year, christmas came early.
i'm going to wear these things around all december.
this lady is so excited.

shop it.

the merrymixit from GAP

check that link out and be very, very, extra specialy merry.

02 December 2008

beepin beep beep.

tonight, i called my friend peter to brag about a recent accomplishment. seeing as he did not answer, i waited for the usual beep and began to leave him a message.

i was in a mood of great excitement and the message reflected my enthusiasm. just as i was getting into about the second minute of my overenthused monologue, i was interrupted with:

"your message has been erased. please record after the beep."


trying to remain calm, i begin again, explaining the situation and then, somewhat deflated, begin relating my story a second time.

"your message has been erased. please record after the beep."


feeling my anger increasing and struggling to maintain my earlier enthusiasm, i begin, once again, to tell my "your message has been erased.....beeeeeep."

i was so frustrated by this point that, what started out as an overzealous, enthusiastic message became an angry, two-sentenced, close-mouthed plea for peter to "puhlease call me back because your freakho beepin [inaudible mumbling] stupid machine is erasing my messages and i WaaAAAAaaas excited so just call me back."

my brow was furrowed for a good hour afterward. beeping beep beep machine.

01 December 2008

warning: product may induce vomiting.

peterbutter and i are planning on beginning new year's improvements early. in an effort to kickoff my new dietary life, i figured a body cleanser was in order, packed up my overweight tuckus into the car, and headed off to the local gnc.

after much debate, i settled on the sale item of grape flavored "strip," headed back to my apartment, put on lord of the rings, and cracked open the bottle.

the instructions are as follows:
1. shake well and drink entire contents.
2. drink plenty of water, within reason...etc.

the first step went pretty much like this:
1. 1/4 bottle down.
2. try to control gag reflex.
3. chug another 1/4.
4. try to control fainting.
5. stomach through another 1/4.
6. hold back tears.
7. chug the remainder.
8. stare blankly at wall for 10 min.

this stuff better work.